November 22, 2012


The past few years I have written silly little posts about silly little things for which I am most thankful. Like indoor plumbing. Hello, I am still so thankful for that silly little thing. This year I had planned to do the same 'ole same 'ole, but after this morning I decided to do something different. Welcome to Thanksgiving Post: Edition 3.0. 

Early this morning I crept away from the pre-cooking shenanigans and visited Miss Momma's grave. Saying I have been dreading these holidays, dreading the change and empty place at our table, is an understatement. As soon as I woke up I knew I wanted to go sit at the grave and think. Think about the past, think about the past few months, and think about the future. Think and give thanks.

So peacefully sitting there I decided that I am most thankful for time. And that we get to choose how to spend our time--isn't that the best part?! You get to decide what happens with your precious time. If you want to travel the world, then you get to travel the world. If you want to surround yourself with family and soak up their goodness, you can do that. Or maybe you want to help others? Have a long fulfilling career? Sit on the couch and eat all that good but oh so horrible for you food? You can do it! You decide. And you get to enjoy. That is a beautiful thing. 

I forgot to mention the obvious option of choosing to read my blog all the time. Time well spent, if you ask me... ;)

As for me, I choose to spend my time crafting with my sister, watching old home videos with my brother, sharing minds with my mom (seriously, great minds really do think alike), or laughing at every thing Russ Moore says. I spend my time trying to make Freddie laugh so I can hear that perfect laugh of his. I spend my time teaching the cutest little girls all about the ballet world benefits of a good first position. Watch out world, there are some fierce ballerinas about to grow up. I spend a lot of time thinking about Christmas no matter what part of the year it is. I spend time (and want to spend much more time) eating, laughing, talking, texting amazing iPhone emoticons, and eating some more with good friends. 

Laughing seems to be mixed in there a lot which is a-okay with me since the cry face laughing emoticon on the iPhone is my favorite...

Happiest of Thanksgivings to y'all. I hope you love and enjoy your sweet, precious time. Especially the time it took to read this time-y post. Fun time!

So now if you don't mind me asking, how do YOU choose to spend your time?


Ashley said...

Emily! I'm so glad you're back :-)

How we spend our time is absolutely the most important decision we can're so right.

I always hear people speaking about how they spent more time with their I always try to make that the biggest focus for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Russ said...

I plan to spend my time crying every time I read your blog. That was beautiful.


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