November 24, 2010

Giving Some Thanks

Thankgiving. The time of year when most people make long lists of things for which they are thankful. These lists often say things like,

I am so thankful for my loving and supportive family, my amazing friends, the roof over my head, and the delicious meals I am able to cook and share with others.

We have all seen these lists. We have probably even made these lists (Don't deny it). However, this Thanksgiving I wanted to mix things up a bit. Wooooo hoo, wild Emily, I know. I wanted to get deep down into my life and find the obscure things about which I am very, very thankful. Buckle up your Pilgrim shoes and tie on your Indian headdresses because here we go:

1- I am thankful that I have indoor plumbing. Isn't it fantastic? I don't have to go outside in the cold and dark to go to the bathroom. You don't either. We are so lucky.
2- I am thankful that I was born in the South where the summers are filled with magnolia blossoms, the winters are not filled with mountains of snow, and where everybody wants to figure out if they know my family several generations back. I live in a small enough town where this happens almost on a daily basis. Everybody knows Mr. Diddy and Mr. Diddy knows everybody. And now, after reading my blog, everyone will know me.
3- I am thankful that a) I have a sister and b) she was born to keep me amused and entertained. Did you know that 15 year old Ann Elizabeth has her entire wedding planned already? The only thing she is missing: the groom. Her favorite way to spend her day: looking at her wedding app on her Itouch.
4- I am thankful that I take drum lessons because they are better (and cheaper!) than therapy. Also, probably way more fun.
5- I am thankful that my family allows me to steal the space heater every winter and sit with it between my feet until the warm weather decides to come back around. Did I mention I am GREAT at sharing?
6- I am thankful that I have danced on pointe for so long. My feet are so beaten up and used to pain that I think if a piano or anything else large and heavy were to fall on my feet I wouldn't feel pain at all. You only think I'm kidding...   (Let's not test it out, however.)
7- I am thankful that I have a bff who loves Disney as much as I do because when I say I got this ring in Mexico she knows that I am referring to Mexico in Epcot, not the country. Nobody else seems to understand that.
8- On that note, I am thankful that my brother works at Disney and we are able to get in free. Disney is like my second home. I think I may spend an equal amount of time there as I do here in Newnan. (Not really, buuut that's not a bad idea...)
9- I am thankful that I have grown up always having pets (yes, pets with a "s", multiple animals in our household) because this only reassures me that I never want to have pets. Sorry, future children.
10- I am thankful that my third grade teacher taught my class that our signatures needed to have something unique about them so that they would be harder to copy. My name doesn't necessarily look like Emily when I sign it, but hey, it's unique and Miss Powell would be proud.
11- I am thankful I got the following traits from my father: I like my sheets untucked, and I like to eat on a very regular basis.
12- I am thankful I got the following trait from my mother: I am able to multitask.
13- I am thankful that my uncle is a very handy man to have around. Holmes on Homes has got nothing on Uncle John. I hope he realizes that his handiness will not only extend to his sister, but also to me when I get my own home. Did you read this Uncle John??
14- I am thankful that my uncle is a Marine because from going to several of his ceremonies, I have realized that one of my life goals is to re-choreograph formations for the Marines. My idea is genius. That could be a whooole other post.
15- I am thankful that my ancestors had crazy names that I will be able to pass on to my children. Example: Potch, Zella Mae, Pink Pauline. No, I am not kidding. I cannot wait to have a little Zella Mae running around.
16- I am thankful that Christmas is right around the corner (30 days, 8 hours, 30 something minutes to be exact) and people have starting decorating for the sole purpose of keeping me excited and beyond thrilled as I drive around every night and look at their decorations.
17- I am thankful that my family realizes I am serious when I say I seriously dislike the outdoors, therefore they do not take me camping. This one ties in nicely with #1. I will always choose my indoor plumbing and indoorness over anything outdoors. This is partly because chiggers think I am DELICIOUS. Nothing like nom noming on some MLE Moore.
18- I wish I could be thankful that I can sew, but my mother has never taught me. Hint hint. The only thing I can sew is a pair of pointe shoes. That will get me far in life.
19- I am thankful that my mother did not have 19 children. While the Duggars are one of my favorite things about which to talk and watch on t.v., I think I am doing just great with Joseph and Ann. I am sure sometimes I have been such a handful that my parents feel like they have 19 children, but I will only admit that on here.
20- I am thankful for TLC for creating the show Sister Wives which keeps me highly entertained and fascinated. You do not understand, I am obsessed.

So, there's my list. I could keep going and going and going and going...but I will leave that to the Energizer bunny. I have too much cooking that needs to get started to sit here typing all day. Although, I could go ahead and get started on that choreographing for the Marines post...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat lots. Have fun. Be Safe. Oh, and P.S.-

I AM  thankful for my loving and supportive family, my amazing, friends, the roof over my head, and the delicious meals I am able to cook and share with others.

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gayle said...

Girl, you crack me up! I am thankful that I chose to NOT get broadcast TV so I do NOT have to watch "Sister Wives"!! I am thankful for the cookie dough truffles I just made that I will eat so many of that I will be sick..but it's a fun kind of sickness...haha



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