November 24, 2012

christerest = christmas + pinterest

It's that time of year again. No, I am not talking about the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas! I am talking about the time for another Pinterest post. I spent the day before Thanksgiving crafting for Christmas. And maybe cooking a little. No judging, we had to have some Christmas decorations ready to be put up as soon as Thanksgiving dinner was over.

Yes, I am one of those people. Those people meaning the best kind of people. 

Merry Pinterest Christmas!

Craft #1: Glitter Reindeer 
canvas, glitter, glue, and you

Anyone who has a Pinterest has seen this glorious glitter pin floating around. If you haven't seen it then your Pinterest is probably fake. Kidding! But as soon as I saw this I was hooked. Insert some joke here about girls and glitter. 

And guess what? It was easy peasy.

1-Find a reindeer silhouette on Google. 
2-Print and cut out. 
3-Tape to canvas and trace outline. A very serious step according to Ann's face.

4- Spread glue all over shape and generously pour on the glitter. 

5-Let dry and shake off excess glitter. 

6-Hang in a place where everyone can ooh and ahh. Done.

Craft #2: Ribbon Wreath
wreath form, ribbon, hot glue, felt

I made a wreath a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday. I used a straw wreath form and honey child, afterwards my floor looked like the middle of a haystack. (but the wreath was gorgeous!) This time I decided to use a foam form (say that five times fast) and it was much easier. I am a foam form convert and proud of it. 

1-Wrap ribbon around entire wreath form. I used ribbon this go-around, but I used yarn last time. Either way, the wreath looks purdy. 

2- Make felt flowers. This is the best video I have found in teaching how to make one of the many kinds of felt flowers. They are super cutesies and I am super not creative so this video was very helpful. 

3-Glue on the flowers and voila. You now have a wreath and girl, it looks good. 

The one I made before this one was way more embellished. That's the beauty of making these, use your creative freedom and go crazy up on that wreath. 

Ann and I will be making an ornament wreath sometime in the near future so stay tuned and on the edge of your computer chair because it's coming. And thanks to that cute little Anny-boo for taking good pictures and making good things with me.

Tell me what you have been pinning and crafting!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I LOVE the Glitter reindeer....debating on whether I should let the boys help me with that one or if I should just do it when they're in bed! :-)


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