January 8, 2012

start spreading the news

I really wanted to write about something rad. Yes, rad is the right word. Lately my posts have been lacking. I know you're thinking Emily! Come on. I love your blog and have it bookmarked and check it several times a day. Well, duh I did know that and thank you. But y'all, compared to my ancient posts these new posts are nothing. Nowhere near the rad-iness side of the rad-ometer. Also, I can make fun of Ann just about any day so I'll spare you from any new Ann stories. Even though I have a really funny one from today. She hates all this bloggy blog attention. Hey, Ann!

Anyways, like I was saying, I wasn't sure about what to write. I already wrote about cowlicks and how them cows loved on me back in 1989. Thinking about that hair-edy made me think about how much I despise the whispy and frisky baby hairs that take residence upon the left side of my hairline but then it's like Sheesh Emily, how about you write about something new and original and non-complainy every once and awhile? But then again, I haven't been doing anything exciting like being an extra in a movie or anything so...oh wait! I just remembered I am going to New York City this week! Now that is something exciting. 

New York City, the city never sleeps. And I'm going to wake up in that never sleepin' city come Friday morning. Now, for most human beings and possibly some movie starring animals this is the city of opportunities. The one place where it is fun to live and work and try to accomplish all of your hopes and dreams. Personally, NYC is the place where all of my fears come true. All of them. Follow along, blogees.

  1. Public transportation. I've been scared not enjoyed public transportation since the day I was born. While that is probably an exaggeration, we'll just go with it. To sum it up, MARTA is not SMARTA and the only kind of Subway I want is the one where I can buy a 6 in. sub combo and eat my way to a Jared diet.  
  2. Stranger danger. What is worse than being by yourself? Being by yourself in a city full of people you. don't. know. This fear probably coincides with #1, but all you need to know is that I need a bodyguard slash lifetime companion to just go with me everywhere. I'm just going to pretend that you also do not like being alone but also do not like being around people you do not know. 
  3. Getting in trouble. I'm not really sure this irrational fear fits with being in NYC. Oh wait, yes it does. I get yelled at everywhere for doing nothing wrong at all. Even the happy-go-lucky workers at Disney yell at me while I just mind my own business. If those Happy Hollies yell at me then just imagine the things I could get yelled at for "not" doing while walking around a huge island. 
pausies: my family made so much fun of me today and everyday for being crazy awesome so join the club.

So, why am I going to NYC? Uh, duh! Because the only way to overcome your fears is to confront them, right? Wrong. Mostly because I get to see four, yes FOUR, Broadway plays! And I get to see friends from high school! And I get to be so cold and wear real winter clothes as opposed to these fake winter clothes sold in Georgia! Did I mention that one of the Broadway plays I might be seeing is The Book of Mormon.

oh. my. goodness. time to end this blog early because immabout to go do cartwheels all over this house. Book! Of! Mormon! Cold! Weather! Big! City! Lotsa! People! Book of Mormonnnnnnnn!


p.s.--this is a picture from the last time I was in NYC. My goal is to look even more touristy this time. Bringing the Keds? Check.

p.p.s.--shout out to Granddaddy Ray because he reads every single one of this darn blog posts and sends me a sweet e-mail afterwards. Even though he is a journalist and could probably write in circles around me. 

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