January 22, 2012

on not sleeping and that kind of stuff

Here it is! The much anticipated post about my recent trip to the Big Apple. I have put off writing it because I couldn't decide the best way to go about sharing this trip. Longest post ever with every single story and memory? Highlights? Just pictures? What to do??

Okay, it's too hard. I just won't talk about my trip at all. 

Kidding kidding. I know y'all would rather hear about the Big Apple than life back in the Big Peach.

The most important thing I learned from this trip was that New York City is definitely the city that never sleeps. And when you (I) visit New York City, you are (I am) definitely the tourist that never sleeps in the city that never sleeps. But who doesn't love a good ole Zombie tourist walking around?

Friday began with our arrival in the city around noon. This was after a 14 hour van ride...with 2 hours maximum of sleep. We then had to make a decision, a really hard one. Were we going to nap and go out sightseeing later that night, or were we going to shower and rally up and go out immediately? This is what my body said: No rest for the weary, duh! Sleep when you're dead Emily, duh! This is what my brain said: .... 

That is my brain being too tired to respond which means I went with my body and hit up the city. Hitting up the city on Friday included: Subway rides, Times Square, burgers and shakes at Shake Shack, first Broadway show of the trip, and sleepy time.

But only 5 hours of sleepy time because on SATURDAY
I got up before the sun in order to do something crazy. In fact, it was something absolutely insane but absolutely worth it. John-Luke and I stood outside in the 20 degree weather for 7 hours in order to get cheap tickets to see Book of Mormon! About 6.5 hours into the waiting game, my frozen toes and frostbitten fingers were screaming at me. About 6 seconds into the show, I was laughing so hard that I complete forgot about all of my frozen body parts. The moral of the story: only stand out in below freezing weather for one show--Book or Mormon. Saturday finished with meeting lots of famous people, our second Broadway show of the day (Seminar), a 2.5 mile midnight jaunt around the West Village, and fun times wining and dining until 3 am with MC, Jason, and Jeff.

By Sunday morning my body was begging for sleep. But that was crazy talk because we had another full day of fun ahead of us. Mother Nature was feeling super grumpy nice that day and decided to make the temperature a toasty 3 degrees! That girl, so generous. Because we were feeling brave and ever so New Yorkish we decided to spend the 3 degree day walking around Central Park for 2 hours! Naturally. This is what that experience was like:

Ann: Oh my gosh!!!! This is the bridge where Giselle stood in Enchanted!
Mom: Ann, there are a lot of bridges. Jeff, which way are we supposed to go?
Jeff: Guys, wrong way. This way is south.
Emily: I can't feel my face.
Ann: Ahhhh! This is where Kate Hudson jogs in Bride Wars!
Emily: It smells like horse poop. Oh look, horses. Can you feel your face?
Mom: Jeff, what kind of dog is that?
Ann: Movies! blah blah blah. Movies!
Jeff: We should go this way...

Post-Central Park Sunday included: a view of the Plaza Hotel, scary Subway rides, amazingly delicious pizza, Mary Caroline hailing a cab with one look, our last show of the trip (Anything Goes, amazing! Tapping!), supper with the lovely and wonderful Emily Lester, and comedy clubs with Jason.

There you have it. A very touristy amazing fantastic New York trip crammed into 3 days. I know earlier I said the most important thing I learned was that you really don't sleep in the city that never sleeps, but sorry guys, I lied. The most important thing I learned was that the fastest way to make awesome/rad new friends is to spend 14 hours in a crammed van with them on the way to NYC...then do it all over again on the way back to Georgia. Get ready for the longest person shout out ever: Hey Paul, Jason, Jeff, John-Luke, Karlee, and Paige, you guys rock. Let's go some place even farther away next time so we have extra time to sing songs and exchange tacky presents. 

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