February 19, 2011

seven days

You're thinking about it, aren't you? That girl from The Ring. With long black hair hanging over her pale face. Eerily standing in front of you warning you, "Seven days...."

Oh, you weren't thinking about that. Well now you are.

Forget the scary girl, the static on the TV, and the ring itself. My seven days countdown is a little less dreary (what am I saying? it is just as dreary, right?)

A week from now I will be SO happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy today as well. But this time next week my quads will be burning, my calves will be screaming, and my lungs will be collapsing, BUT I will be smiling because this race will be ova'.

Bring it on concrete roads, hot Orlando weather, and weak ballet legs.

Side note: if your TV randomly goes to static in the next seven days (or you see the ring), it is not my fault. 

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