February 7, 2011

just because

insert inspirational (and entertaining) blog post here

I could write about what I've been doing(spending 24/7 with kids), or what I've been eating(Kashi bars and Fuzziwigs), or what I will be doing(sleeping, cooking, running/keeling over from running, and eating what will be cooked). Instead, I am going to let you use your imagination on this blog post. What is/was/will Emily (be) doing?

P.S.- Yippee is about 1/8 of the way done with its makeover. Makeovers are not fun. Makeovers are hard, frustrating, and time consuming. My 12 year old/make-up consumed/clothing obsessed self is very disappointed. Now, if I could just get it together enough to figure out how to make a killer header...

1 comment:

Russ said...

I have no idea what you is be doing.


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