February 10, 2011


When I was chatting with my pal David Lettermen, err I mean watching him on TV, I decided this week's blog needed a top 10 list somewhere. I began brainstorming trying to do a top 10 for this past week (or, since it is only Thursday, the week that is still. going. on.), then I tried doing one for this coming week. In the end, I couldn't choose so this is the top 10 list of RIGHT NOW. Enjoy.

Emily's Top 10 List of Right Now:
please note: I was going to wait and post this tomorrow, but once I remembered today was February 10 I just couldn't pass up the cute coincidence. 


Joseph. My dear, sweet, slightly old brother is visiting  the 'Nan this weekend. We have scheduled his visit down to the minute with things to do and people to see (and places to eat--obviously the most important  part of the trip). Get your party pants on. 

In 16 days, I will be running at Disney. These little ladies look pretty happy running (and yes, I can tell that from the back of their heads). My reactions to running include:  Ow. My legs hurt. Seriously. I can't sit. How long have I been running? Only 5 minutes? How about now? Can. Not. Breathe. I tease (kind of). I am excitednervousanxious to run this 5k and run it good. Git-r-done.

I think my legs are just confused as to why I am not pirouetting and jetteing.

This is just one of the 234565794 reasons I love my 'job.' Everybody together now, "Awwww..."


This year for Valentine's Day, I have picked out certain family members to be my Valentines and requested lots of chocolate to be my gift. (Whaaat, you mean you don't get to pick your Valentine and request gifts?!)


There have been two great Groupons recently: Partners II Pizza and Octane Coffee and Cocktails (a super cute new cafe in Newnan I've been eyeing, but somehow managing not to go to). As much as I prefer Scoutmob to Groupon, I must say good job Groupon, good job. 


This Sunday is my college roommate's (roommatesies 4eversies) senior recital. Has it really been four years? 


Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year. So, as I sit here in this freezing weather with layers and layers on my body and a space heater nearby, I am ever so hopeful that Mr. Phil was right and the madness (coldness, whatever same thing) will end very soon


Picture a party hat on this cutie patootie Mr. Diddy because he's got a birthday coming up. And we party all night long when it's a Mr. Diddy party.


We (Uncle John) have almost finished painting our house. We (Uncle John) are so excited. Whatever you do, don't call it purple. We (Uncle John) will come and get you.


I've been trying to cook dinner more. This is really code for "yessss, my family and I are finally eating at the wonderfully decent time of 5:30 and I am so so so excited." Who said eating by 6 wasn't fun?

Guess what? It's dinner time, y'all. Night.


MaryCaroline said...

I love your top 10! And I love eating dinner (that I don't have to cook) early! You're my favorite daughter who was born in 1989! Huggy Huggy Kissy Kissy!

Ruth said...

yayayay for top 10. and for new blog layout. and roommatsies4sieseversies.


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