October 1, 2010

A Truly Tranquil Thursday

I had a wonderful Thursday yesterday. While some people use the phrase "Thirsty Thursday" to describe their activities for the day, I decided to find a better suited adjective for how I spent my day. Now, when one hears the word "tranquil" their mind probably creates a scene with someone sitting around on his/her behind relaxing. Maybe some soft music playing in the background. Maybe even a servant man bringing lots of food and drinks and pouring them straight into the person's mouth. This is not how you should be picture my Tranquil Thursday. I did a lot of things and spent most of my day out and about; however, it was tranquil to me for various reasons: 1) I did not have to do anything or be anywhere. 2)... Ok, I have no number two. My number one pretty much sums it all up.

After a gift card inspired shopping trip and a scrumptious lunch, we decided to enjoy a self-guided tour of the newly refurbished Coweta County Courthouse. So, here go the Moores, meandering (meandering is the best way to spend a Tranquil Thursday, of course) around the courthouse.

We meandered up to the balcony in the courtroom.

We meandered out onto the terrace.

And, we attempted to meander up to the clock tower. Meander fail.

In the midst of our tranquil courthouse visit, we got news that Nonny had had a bad fall and was pretty banged up. Grandaddy says that Nonny has a talent for falling down stairs.  A talent that I am sure every child dreams of having one day. I know I did. Her talent extends even further because she is able to fall and hit her head of railings, floor, stairs, scrap up her skin, and fall down any number of stairs without breaking ANY bones. Also, without getting seriously injured. This is a good thing. I don't want to make it sound otherwise. Yes, we all DO want that talent of not getting seriously hurt after falling down a flight of stairs and gashing our heads open. So, back on subject, Nonny has fallen and Grandaddy, the 88 year old wonderman, is having to take care of everything. Now we enter phase 2 of Tranquil Thursday: a visit to Granddaddy and Nonny.

See what I mean about tranquil?! Tranquil to me equals deciding at 3 pm that we will head up to Smyrna for the evening. This post should be dedicated to Thanksgiving because we made a feast for Granddaddy and Nonny while we were up there. (It could also be dedicated to Thanksgiving since we are so thankful that Nonny is doing well, despite her new trend of bandages and ankle wraps.) After 2 huge COSTCO (yayay) bags and 10 Publix bags later, the feast was ready to be cooked. Between chicken stir fry, quiche, fruit salad, and chili, I hope Granddaddy and Nonny will have some happy bellies this week. Bonus points go out because these meals can be reheated in the microwave a.k.a. Granddaddy's safe haven. :)

Chicken stir fry anxiously waiting to be consumed.

Big pot 'o chili. Still trying to figure out how much Russ stole from their fridge...

just kidding. He would never.

"Quiche" the cook. Bad joke?

Well, that sums up my Tranquil Thursday. You may not find it exceptionally tranquil, but I do and it's my blog so you just have to agree with me. :)

Here's hoping to a speedy recovery to Nonny and for many more Tranquil Thursdays to come!

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Sandra said...

Enjoy reading your blog!! You live a very busy life!


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