October 17, 2010

Down with the Red and Black

Georgia Tech is out for a victory! And they got one.

Are the Moores/Caldwells good luck? Obviously. You want our group at all of your sporting events. Just hit my cell up  to book us for your game.
It's Mr. Diddy's cuteness that helps the team win.

We (meaning me, Ann, Russell, Mom, Diddy, and Uncle John) went up for the Tech vs. MTSU game yesterday. The saying, "made a day out of it" does not even accurately describe our festivities because we also made a night out of it. Our day began when we left Newnan at 10:30 a.m. "But Emily, the game didn't start until 3:30." Yes, thank you for that reminder, but we had several pre-gaming stops on our list. No, none of these stops involved fraternities. We pre-gamed in a different manner...

Stop #1- GT Bookstore- Really, no trip to Atlanta is complete without a stop to the Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble. That is, according to Mr. Diddy anyways. What do you get for the family that has all the Tech get-up and gear one could imagine? Why, more Tech supplies of course! Once we had rounded up plenty of t-shirts/face tattoos/cups/cds/mugs/pompom goodies, we headed out to our second stop.
Ann and I have even begun to pick out clothes for our future children. Um hello, cutest shirt ever. Why don't you come in my size?
Stop #2- The Varsity- Another Atlanta staple. No one can leave (or enter) the city without filling up their bellies with some greasy goodness. I've managed to avoid (lovingly avoid) the Varsity for over a year; however, in part of the bribe to drag Diddy along for Game Day I agreed to eat the Varsity. My order: Hot Dog with a Ring One. For all you foreigners out there, that is a chili dog with a side of onion rings. You can brush up on your Varsity lingo here: Varsity lingo. Our lunch ended three hours prior to the game. Time to go kill some time...

Stop #3- Tech Tower- In order to kill some time, we walked and sat and walked some more around part of the campus. Our tour guides: Diddy, who graduated from Tech in 1957; and Russ, who worked at Tech until 1997. So, this is what we heard..."Well, this is new!"  "Well, this place used to be located at ____."  "When I was here, this building was for Chemistry." "This is new too!"  "What's this?!" Pretty awesome tour guides, right? :) 
The Tech Tower--good thing that hasn't changed places.

Stop #4- Bobby Dodd Stadium- Game time, finally! We got to our seats, got some snacks, cheered on the Ramblin Wreck, and attempted to sing the Alma Mater all before the game started. Highlights from the game:
  • GT intercepting the ball four times
  • Never being behind
  • The second string scoring
  • Scotty Blair missing his first field goal of the season (not a highlight, come oooooooon Scotty)
  • BUDWEISER SONG---the BEST part going to games  When you say Budweiser, you've said it all...
  • Did I mention GT intercepting the ball four times?...
  • Nesbitt proving he is, in fact, better than Draper 
  • WINNING, always a good highlight

We had a fabulous time at the game. Ann peed in her pants with excitement multiple times. Since Dad worked at Tech when Joseph and I were growing up, we went to many, many Tech games dressed in ridiculously cute fan clothes. Ann, however, came around once Dad had begun working in the education field so her memories include tours of charter schools instead of tours of Grant Field. I don't know if Diddy will admit it, but this was probably his most favorite day ever ;)
He is looking off into the distance pondering if he will ever be so lucky as to spend another day at a Tech game with MLE.

...when you say Buuuudweiser...you've said it all 

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MaryCaroline said...

I love going to Tech football games! (Even if my presence at said game is not documented on this blog)


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