October 7, 2010

Faring to the Fair

Every year, at the beginning of fall, something magical happens. Yes, the leaves start to turn pretty, crispy colors. The weather gets cooler and cooler. Local stores start to put out Christmas...I mean, Halloween decorations. However, these are not the magical things to which I am referring. I am referring to....dun dun dun...the county fair!

11 years ago I decided give all of my time (plus some more) to dancing. 11 years ago was the last time I went to the fair. I know what you're thinking, "Oh no! Poor Emily! Your life must have been so empty without the sparkle and shine of the lights and rides of the fair." No worries, my reunion with the fair was nothing short of memorable--ginormous corn dogs, shaky rides lightly dusted with some good 'ole rust, 5 legged sheep, and all the stuffed animal prizes one can imagine.
yummy, yummy in my tummy

Highlights of the fair:
  • Russ Moore spending 3 hours there and only riding the Ferris wheel. Twice. He took on the role of paparazzi and took lots of pictures of the three of us living on the wild side.
  • Mom, Ann, and I riding "crazy spin you around/mess up your vision/make you barf" rides.
  • Eating my first ever caramel apple...and getting the caramel all over my nose. It's the cute new thing.
  •  Riding the Ferris wheel with Ann. Example: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ::grabs side of seat:: ahhhhhhhh" "EMILY, STOP LAUGHING YOU ARE ROCKING IT." "I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this."
  • Avoiding the petting zoo and any areas nearby where the "animal" smell managed to seep.
  • Wanting to play a game and win a cheap prize. Ann played Game 1: scooping up rubber duckies. She won a whale. I think, "Psh, stuffed animal? No thanks. I want a cool fuzzy, pimp hat." Ann and I moved on to Game 2: water gun race. Oh, guess who won that round. ANN. What prize does she choose? A STUFFED PENGUIN. Russ and I played Game 3. This story does end well, I promise. I beat Dad because obviously my aim with water guns is impeccable, and I finally got my fuzzy, pimp hat. My "cheap" prize turned out to be not so cheap. Oh goodbye $14.
"I've always wanted a baby green whale!"

Lastly, let me mention a new trend I witnessed while at the fair. Most people go to the fair and see lights everywhere. Or children running around. Or people eating funnel cakes and candy apples. In Newnan, you see couples wearing matching camo. Everywhere. Camo camo camo.
Next time I go on a date I know what I'm wearing. Yeahhh buddy.

All in all, as you can see, we had a really great time... I think this is the beginning of a new fair era. Get ready.
"Yay, we are having so much fun! Wait, where's Russ?"

On a different note, I am not reading The 19th Wife anymore even though "Yippee! I'm reading..." says so. However, that book is just too good for me to take it down yet. Maybe I'll just read it again and again. Y'all should definitely read it AT LEAST once. Let's make a deal...all of you read it then I will make the picture up to date with what I am really reading. 

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Russ said...

If I don't ride, I don't ralph. A simple equation I learned long ago. The hard way...Dad


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