November 23, 2016

blessed not stressed

Well dudes and dudettes, somehow the Earth managed to rotate a whole 366 times, and we meet again on a Thanksgiving day.

I really can't believe it. Sometimes I think I'll wake up and it'll be Thanksgiving 2029 already (and I'll be rocking the age of forty, obvi), but that's neither here nor there.

As with every Thanksgiving, it's time for a thankful post. As with every Thanksgiving thankful post, it's time to skip the obvious things for which I am thankful and dig deep to find some not-so-obvious things for which I am thankful.

This Thanksgiving I am so #grateful #blessed #notstressed for...
thankful blog
Josiah from Planetary Bicycles
Because he found and picked up Lupe (he called Lupe "Beans," but we'll forgive him) and gave him to us. Josiah, you're an angel. Lupe, you're the best.

Because during this Great Acne Breakout Of 2016, I have been able to leave the house looking only mostly red vs. entirely red. Thanks, concealer.

Because cheese. #worththestomachcramps

Clorox wipes
Because sometimes deep cleaning is hard, and a quick Clorox wipe wipe down will do the trick. The term sometimes here refers to mostly all of the time, just to clarify.

Target's dollar section
Because where else could I stock up on cute as a button $1 cards that just sit in a drawer in our apartment because I never remember to send them?!

Because samples.

The dude in the sandwich line at Central Market 
Because he informed me my book of stamps had fallen out of my purse. I need that book of stamps in case one day I remember to send the $1 cards I got in the Target dollar section! !! !!!

The Pilates mat exercise, Jackknife
Because it is the most humbling/omg-why-don't-my-muscles-work Pilates move ever.

My giant drying rack from IKEA
Because finding creative places to drape clothing gets harder with each load of laundry.

Southwest flight attendants
Because how are they always so happy and hilarious?! And why haven't other airlines caught on...

Happy night before Thanksgiving!
May your sweet potato casseroles be as sweet as your faces. 


Donna said...

The drying rack shout out made me giggle and remind me of when I was in university and the dryers in our building weren't working so I had to drape all of my clothes around my little dorm room. It was totally ridiculous. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Why haven't other airlines caught onto the happy flight attendants? The jokes they tell always make me crack up! And where would be without the samples at Costco? Although if you aren't waiting for them when they put them out you're out of luck! I hope you have the best Thanksgiving!

Kayla MKOY said...

Have you tried the Unblemish system? I don't sell it, but my friend does, and it helped my breakouts like WOAH! So many people sell Rodan & Fields I feel like it would be easy to get your hands on some. It's pretty expensive up front, but well worth it in my opinion! I actually left the house without ANY make up the other day for the first time since high school. It felt glorious!! :) YAY for Lupe, Ikea and nice flight attendants ;) I'm thankful for YOU, friend! Hope you had an amazing holiday!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Cheese and the target dollar section FOREVER.


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