September 7, 2016

tidying up

Okay, let's take care of some housekeeping.
Housekeeping One | We went bike riding on Monday. I didn't die of heat exhaustion, and I only complained 10% of the bike riding complaining I usually do. Also, also, crotch survived so we're just winning on all levels.

Housekeeping Two | Freddie's doing another giant puzzle so our dining room table is out of commission for the time being...

good thing we eat on the couch anyways. 

Housekeeping Three | I spent about 1.5 hours rearranging the liquor bottles and wine glasses we have out, and I have literally never felt more productive. Get at me, Pinterest. Get at me! 

Housekeeping Four | We've had a ready-to-take-to-Goodwill pile sitting in the living room for about...three months. It's still there, and some days I really care and other days I don't. I guess if I really cared I would have taken it to Goodwill by now. 

Housekeeping Five | On a similar note, sometimes when Freddie leaves things out I decide not to play my usual role of nagging wife and instead I play a game of How Long Will It Take Freddie To Notice Said Item Is Out And In The Way Without Me Saying Anything. It's such a fun game. One time a suitcase lived in the middle of our bathroom floor for fourteen days. Guys, you can't buy entertaining games like this. Priceless!

Housekeeping Six | Costco is still the the knees on multiple bees, just in case you were wondering. 

Housekeeping Seven | Do you like podcasts? Then you need to listen to My Favorite Murder. Do you like true crime? Then you need to listen to My Favorite Murder. Do you like things in this world that are good? Then you need to listen to My Favorite Murder. Do you want to keep reading my questions or do you want to just go ahead and listen to My Favorite Murder?

Housekeeping Eight | I never had acne growing up. I mean, I had the occasional zit that looked like Mt. Vesuvius and that I decided was a token of my world ending, but somehow the world didn't end, I was able to keep living and riding bikes (eye roll), and my body decided to wait until I was 27 to give me the real world's ending acne. Here's hoping I can find a skincare regimen that makes my face look sparkly and thirteen to eighteen-ish again.

Well, that's about all we've got folks as far as cleaning and organizing. I'm off to go actually clean our apartment, and maybe spend another hour or four moving around useless knick knacks. Happy Hump Day indeed!


Lauren Honeycutt said...

Omg I sadly play the same game with my fiance DAILY! long is he going to leave the glass that he "just set there for a second"? What? It's been 3 days? Alright, I'll bring it to the dishwasher.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

I'm for sure going to listen to that podcast! We have crap laying around all the time. I've decided to have a garage sale this weekend!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

My skin was pretty good to me when I was younger too, but now 25 year old me is sitting here with three ENORMOUS zits. It's cute, real real cute.

When I play the "how long will it take Michael to move this crap" game, it turns into either "how long will it take Mattie to snap and move it herself?" OR "how long will it take Mattie to snap and go off on Michael in a fit of rage?" hahaha.

Kayla MKOY said...

HA! Your "Housekeeping item #2" is the story of our lives. We don't have anywhere else to do our puzzles except our dining room table and we eat on the couch 6/7 days of the week (a habit we're trying to break) sooo yeah. Right there with ya! ;)

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

So I totally try to see how long it will take until Chris figures out that something is sitting out, and it always takes forever! He's just not good at being observant at all! And I need to listen to My Favorite Murder! That sounds like a really interesting podcast and I've been looking for a new one!

Sarah said...

We are with you on eating on the sofa, especially in the fall/winter when I sabotage our table for puzzles too.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i play the same game with KC. although, i suck at it, because eventually i get cranky and either blow up at him or put it away myself lol


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