September 21, 2016

on birthday paddles

Birthday and Christmas are two of my most very favorite things. 

I almost started this post with the simple sentence, I love gifts. But it's not that I only love receiving gifts because I also love, love, love giving gifts/planning secrets/watching surprised gift openers' faces. 

Full disclosure: I have been known to have my Christmas list started right after my July birthday, and my birthday list started right after Christmas, but let's focus on the part where I'm not a spoiled brat. Kthanks. 

When Freddie and I started dating, he not only introduced me to the beauty of avocados/sweet potatoes/mushrooms/Brussels sprouts/cauliflower/etc., but he introduced me to the idea of a doing something gift instead of a getting something gift. I remember early on in our relationship he asked me if I would rather get a doing something gift or a getting something gift, and I had no idea what he was talking about. But but but...if we do something then what is going to be wrapped for me to open?! <<<me not being spoiled. 

Along with my newfound love of avocados/sweet potatoes/mushrooms/Brussels sprouts/cauliflower/etc., I've grown to love the whole idea of doing something gifts. We've been glass blowing, took cooking classes, gone hiking, rented bikes, made sushi, and even traveled on small trips. Weird that Freddie could be right about something this one time... (insert smirk emoji) (we throw out all prejudices in this house because not only is Freddie the one who is always right, but he also does all the cooking so...take that, sexism!).

Freddie's birthday was Sunday, so around Monday (of three months ago...) I started planning. He is all about being outdoors, and I am not. He is all about getting dirty, and I am not. He is all about anything that involves beer, and I prefer the whine/wine combo I've got going on. 

In case you didn't know, Houston is also known as the Bayou City. It has somewhere around 2500 miles of waterways throughout the city, and Freddie has often joked about going kayaking in the bayou. I say joked because I don't think he thought I would actually ever do it because of my child strength arms, my inability to love being outdoors for extended periods of time, and the fact that the bayou is home of mutant alien catfish.
Well, I showed him! Take that, birthday boy. Kind of. Bayou kayak rentals close much too early in the day, so I did one even better and took us north of the city to Lake Conroe for some birthday kayaking fun. 

Houston is such a weird place because the city feels like it never ends. Coming from Georgia where trees are in abundance, it's been a strange feeling to drive sixty plus miles in any direction and only see developed land and no trees. Well apparently the secret is to drive seventy plus miles away because once we hit Conroe, Texas, there were trees!!! And no strips of stores!!! And no Pappasito's!! And a lake where we spent two hours in the feels-like-102 outdoors kayaking away. 
Thanks to Freddie for being born because he's a pretty cool addition to the human race. A pretty attractive one, as well. I'm also thankful he was born so we could celebrate him with fun activities like kayaking (and drinking copious amounts of...water). I'm also thankful he was born so he could show me the fun in the whole art of a doing something gift. 

Happy three days after your Birthday, Rick!

Are you a do something or a get something kind of person?


Kate said...

Looks so fun!!! <3

Kayla MKOY said...

I am ALL for "doing things" presents vs "getting things" as well. It's so awesome! Caleb started that tradition for us for our first Christmas when he gifted me tickets to my first Bengals game! Then I returned the favor when I bought us tickets for his birthday to see Dane Cook. We've kind of been going back and forth with this, and its so fun!! Happy belated birthday to Freddie!

Jen said...

I love birthdays too!!! For other people not my own haha.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

For Michael and I it's usually 'doing something' gifts--and then I get my 'getting something' gifts from the 'rents. Haha. (Disclaimer: Our 'doing something' gifts 90% of the time mean 'going to a super delicious fancy restaurant.' Does that still count as doing something?!)

Anne said...

We do a lot of "doing things" gifts for anniversaries, but for a birthday present, I want to unwrap something (and also it should be a surprise but still exactly what I want, thank you very much). This is an amazing gift for someone who likes a doing something bday though... all the much more generous when you are putting yourself outdoors for a day :) Looks like fun!

Laura Darling said...

I love the idea of doing things. We've done that on and off for anniversaries and birthdays over the past few years! It's funny because I can ALWAYS remember what we did, but if you ask me what Matt got me for my birthday on a year we did gifts, I have no idea. The memories are definitely priceless! Glad you had fun!

Hippie in Heels said...

Jeffrey and I are all about doing gifts. Happy Birthday to Freds!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast.


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