February 4, 2015

currently: the omg-it's-already-february edition

It's the first Wednesday of the month which means several things.
A) Holy Cuhrap, it's already a new month.
B) It's not a Friday. Sad.
C) It's time for this month's Currently link-up.

Ricky. All day, every day. Most of the time I just squeeze his head and squeal in a high-pitched voice how much I love him. It's really obnoxious and I'm sure he hearts it a lot when I do that. 
I am finally reading Yes, Please--only several months late. As I read this book and other auto-biographies I often wonder how people remember such specific details and stories from their childhoods. They remember stories that have shaped them into the man or woman they are today whereas I remember stories like...the one time a librarian made me cry? Or when my sister was born? Oh wait! I remember one time I hid my vitamin so I didn't have to take it. <---- total autobiography material.  
Did you ever find an article of clothing after which you had pining for months and months and it's like the stars aligned and life is just grand?! Yes, clothes are that important and yes, that happened to me this week. Because I found the most perfect, beautiful military style jacket and I'm never taking it off. Ever. I've been pinning lots of ways to wear it and I've noticed that none of them suggest wearing it with leotards and tights so I guess that's the one thing with which I won't wear it. And yes, I can totally practice the oh-my-gosh -the-wind-is-blowing-my-hair-but-I-want-to-see-I-can-still-walk-in-a-straight-line-while-drunk-on-coffee look. 
Well this second currently I'm eating an apple, but this week currently I'm eating a lot of sweet potatoes. They are sweet. They are potato-ey. They are delicious. I want to eat them all.
...but I still want to eat chocolate, too.
Valentine's Day because I lurve a good 'ole fashioned cheesy V-day gift and I can't wait to give Freddie's his annual dose of cheesiness.
Spoiler alert: I'm not gifting him bananas. 

Linking up with Jenna and Anne.


Meg Taylor said...

Oh, I am SUCH a sweet potato fan!! Those bananas seriously crack me up - I need to do that for my husband :) Any chance you're going to the Charleston Bloggers' event next week??

Erin LFF said...

NOM to sweet potatoes! I have a recipe w/ sweet potatoes and quinoa I'm planning on making this week and I can't wait to eat it ;)

Anne said...

Haven't gotten my hands on Yes, Please yet but am excited about it! Love that outfit - military jackets are the best and I really hardly take mine off in the spring/fall. (In winter it's a little hard to fit under my down coat.) And yes sweet potatoes! Tons of them around here too... usually roasted with garlic salt & chili powder, but yesterday in a pot of chili. Yum. Thanks for linking up again - clearly I love your list :)

The Jessa Olson Blog said...

Hey! I just found you from the Currently link up with Jenna. I am dying to read Yes, Please. I am such a bookworm. I am so happy to have found you, and can't wait to connect some more.

Rachel Emily said...

I'm so glad so many other people in the link up are saying their husbands are what they are hearting! I totally felt cheesy listing him but I mean...I do...heart him.

Kayla MKOY said...

I still crack up how you call him Ricky-- I forget how it even started. LOL! I know though, can you even believe we're FIVE day into a new month already?! Yikes.

Jenna Griffin said...

Love love lovvve sweet potatos! My husband doesn't like them, so I don't cook them often. Boo.
I am loving that military jacket, though! The entire outfit is perfect!


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