April 6, 2012


I have not posted in a hot minute and I sincerely apologize. I always thought no one read my blog, but then I had six comments on my last post. SIX! That is 3x more readers than I thought I had! And I know no more than six people read my blog because if they did they would certainly be commenting too... Am I guilt tripping enough yet? Seven comments this time?

While there are many things going on about which I could blog (Herro, one month to graduation!!), I decided to start my food postings. Whoa, I can hear the excitement all the way over here. Good, it IS exciting because today's food/recipe post is about one of the greatest inventions ever...puppy chow.

Quick shout-out of the greatest puppy chow maker ever to walk the face of the earth, Stephanie. This girl, lawd have mercy, she knows how to work the chow until it is beyond perfection. This is a skill that is most needed in life and I don't really see the need for her to complete college since she has the magic puppy chow hands. 

If you don't know what puppy chow is, put on your party pants. And preferably your elastic waisted party pants because it's about to get real fatty/delicious up in here. 

Step 1: Call Stephanie and beg her to make some puppy chow.
Step 2: Melt an entire stick of butter. Do not listen to other recipes that tell you to use less. Paula and Steph are in agreement about this step. 

Step 3: Combine the chocolate and pb to melt. Do not let anyone other than Steph stir the two because she combines and melts everything perfectly. And can do two pots at once. See, I told you she's magical.

Step 4: Pour chocolate into the chex cereal. Shake. Once again, no one else can shake and cover every single chex square like Mizz Pup herself. 

Step 5: Pour 5x more powdered sugar than your common sense tells you and shake away. Shake until your arms burn more than after using a shake weight. Shake what your momma gave you. Shake until the sugar has not only coated every single chex square, but also until the sugar has dispersed evenly into every hole in the chex squares. 

Step 6: Eat. All. Of It. 

Oh my sweet goodness, I'm drooling. Side note: Sorry this recipe is so healthy (Puppy Chow is healthy for the SOUL, okay?). I'll try to find a legit junk food recipe next time. For now, cherish these magical crunchy squares of perfection and joy. And cherish that award winning puppy chow girl named Steph. 


Ruth said...

Send me puppy chow. Now. British people don't understand.

Stephanie said...

Emily, I am so honored that you wrote about me in your blog! For this I love you long time and will make you puppy chow anytime your heart desires! GUURL WE'RE COOOKIN'!

Pragati said...

this made me seriously lol :)


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