January 10, 2011

Let It Ice, Let It Ice, Let It Ice

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so... oh wait, there's no fire burning here, but the space heater is pretty delightful. It's the blizzard of 2011--dun dun dun. 2-5 inches of snow turned into more like a "snow sandwich" consisting of a layer of ice, a layer of snow, and another layer of ice. A crunchy, slippy and very cold mess. My dog would rather cross her legs and hold it all day than have to face the scary ice world.

Agenda for the day:
1) Sit under blankets.
2) Eat a somewhat excessive amount of chocolate (preferably dark chocolate).
3) Watch an infinite amount of rented TV shows. Bring it on Big Love, Private Practice, and Royal Pains.

P.S.-Thank you, Weather Channel for keeping us in the know about  the impending blizzard so that we were able to hit up Hastings just in time to get all the goods before the Ice Queen showed her wrath to Newnan.

Accomplishments for the day:
1) CHECK. Double check.
2) Check, thank goodness for receiving dark chocolate as a Christmas present.
3) Still in the process of checking. We're gone through the trials and tribulations of Juniper Creek and having 3 wives in suburbia, moved over to the drama ridden doctor offices of Oceanside Wellness, and now finishing it off with some high class concierge doctor treatment from good ole Hank. 

Anyone want to come ice skating on the ice rink formally known as the Moore family front yard?

So, with that being said, time to go curl back up under my blanket, put a piece of chocolate in my mouth, and watch Hank save some Hamptonians? Hamptonites? People of the Hamptons. 

Hope y'all can stay warm! Freezing is no fun.

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