October 7, 2016


By the end of the day I will (hopefully) be sipping on some wine and snuggling on the couch with my SISTER.

My sister! My younger-but-looks-older-and-is-the-coolest-human-ever sister is coming to big, bad Texas. Now I'm not quite sure what we will be doing seeing as the main things to do in Houston all revolve around eating, and my coolest human being of a sister is the world's pickiest eater...

Although who in his or her right mind wouldn't literally turn into the heart eyes emoji after tasting a fresh, Tex-Mex, melt-in-your-mouth tortilla?? Who?? Hopefully all of you are not in your right minds because that just means more tortillas for me. 

I digress...

In honor of today being National Emily's Sister Is Coming Into Town Day I thought it was only fitting that today's post be about my sister, too. Enter Five Reasons My Sister Is The Coolest. 

1) She takes and posts selfies like this and can actually get away with it. 
Meanwhile my selfie album is filled with gems like this...

2) She's the itty bitty baby of the family which means she's the brunt of most of the jokes. I will say 99.9999% of the time she brings it on herself. However 99.9999% of the time she's also a good sport about everyone poking fun of her, and even calls herself out before we/I get a chance. 

On that note, Ann has the handwriting of a five-year old trying to learn to write while their pet dog, Greta the Great Dane, is constantly nudging their arm and knocking them over. But she owns it.

Exhibit A:
circa 2014 in a birthday card from her to me. 

3) As seen in #1, she chopped off all of her hair for the second time in the past three years, and pulls it off better than Ted Mosby's red cowboy boots. HIMYM shout-out, anyone? Anyone?

4) When I say Ann is the youngest I mean the yoooooungest. In this instance, that many o's means she is almost six years younger than I am, and almost nine years younger than my brother. This meant she spent a lot of her childhood around our older friends which meant we were the nicest siblings and made her into our own little dress up doll. 
Meet Troy Bolton from High School Musical. I mean, Ann Bolton. I mean, my sister. 

5) She became obsessed with Lord of the Rings at an early age. Now, you might be thinking Emily! LOTR! That does not make her cool! It makes her #nerdalert!  To that I say...well, you are right. But she taught herself some Elvish and once upon a time three years ago she really, really wanted to come to Charleston to spend New Year's with me and Ricky when we lived there. Naturally we made her life more fun by insisting that she was not allowed to come until she spoke Elvish to us. 
She did it. She came to Chucktown for NYE in 2013. She's the nerdiest coolest. 

And now you know a bunch of random facts about a person you will probably never even meet. Which is your loss. So thanks (mom and dad) for reading this whole post!

Ann, get yer booty on that plane and come see these stars at night.

Happy Friday!


Russ said...

I made Ann read it, too, so that's THREE.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I have to say for a split second when I saw the picture of her in my BL feed I thought you had chopped off and dyed your hair! Also, my handwriting is about her level...probably even worse, actually. So I feel a kind of kinship there. I'm also younger than my brothers by 5 & 8 years!

Erin LFF said...

You and your sister just have the best relationship- I love it! How cool that you guys are besties even with 6 years between ya?! Have SO MUCH FUN this weekend and stop making me jealous with that tex-mex talk ;)

Jen said...

Enjoy the time with your sister! I am super close with mine and I love it.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

I hope that you had the best time with your sister while she was in town! THere's really nothing better than spending time with your sister, and what's the point of having a sister if you can't make fun of her a little bit! And yes to her being able to speak Elvish! I'm totally a nerd because I think that's so cool!

Kayla MKOY said...

I love that you two love each other so deeply!!! :) I didn't get a sister growing up, so I'm thankful I married into an awesome family and found a sisterhood/best friendship with Erin!


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