June 12, 2012

on the time i forgot about my blog

It's been close to a month since I wrote on the blog. What the whaaat? I get so caught up in stalking reading other blogs and laughing about how funny they are and pondering how I can write something that funny that I completely forget to actually write anything--funny or not. So here's to a new mediocre/moderately humorous post.

This is also how I roll with exercise. It goes something like wow let me read all this stuff on working out and think about it and then maybe one day I'll eventually get around to physical exercise...

Anyways, here is a cheat sheet list of the happenings of life post graduation. It is also the beginnings of a great textbook of things that are must-dos and sees! Buckle up, baby, because life after college is crazy.  

TV shows that are a must-see: Smash, Revenge, and Bob's Burgers. I suggest Bob's Burgers as a starting, middle, and finishing show. It is pure GOLD.  I also suggest asking me to watch it with you because that is the nicer thing to do since I led you to this beauty. 

Vacation spots: Charleston and Disney. And Newnan. I spent two weeks in Charleston. TWO! DEUX! One for play and one for work. Lemme tell you what, if you are ever hungry, go to Charleston. I don't care where you are when you are hungry, go there. I left Charleston with a little bit of freckles and a whole lotta food in my belly. Whoa, wet keyboard from my drooling at the memory... Ahh, truffled tater tots. Come back to me. 

Clothes to have: 3 words. Mint colored jeans. 1 important word. Mint. Holy All Things That Are Beautiful, these jeans are hot and practically can be worn with anything and everything. Even as pajamas because that is how great they are. Minty freshness on yo legs. Get with it. 

Song to listen to all summer: Call Me Maybe. I feel no further explanation is needed. 

Enjoy the pictures. Come back next week and maybe I'll surprise with another post! Oh, the anticipation is already killing you, I know. 

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today i said...

Your post made me laugh! I love when people write with humour!


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