November 18, 2011

she's a dancing machine

I haven't posted in forever. And for those of you that have long been searching for the definition of forever, I have it here: 2 weeks. In these two weeks that I have been absent I have been busy doing a lot of things:

Singing Celine Dion music like my life is musical about how my heart will go on and stuff like that.
Researching gifted education like it is my job. Or just my grade...
Eating Peanut Butter M&Ms like I always do.
Sleeping in like I didn't have a goal to run three times a week.
Rehearsing like I have a dance show coming up or something.

Oh wait! I do have a dance performance coming up! Today! and tomorrow! 

In the midst of all this Celine-ing and education-ing and m&m-ing, I have been a dancing fool. My heavily bruised knees and tulle burned legs will back me up on that. I have also created a habit out of literally passing out in a heavily induced slumber every single night. Anyways, I say all of this so that you will come to my shows! Yes, you! And you. And anyone who reads this. In fact, if you read this blog it is mandatory that you have to come to my dance show. (good thing only my family read it, they won't let me down!) 

There is going to be ballet and some not ballet and some modern and some fun at these shows. So come have some fun with moi. And mes amis. 

See you there! With flowers and other luscious gifts for us dancers, I am sure!

p.s.--the Jackson 5 were obviously singing about us Agnes Scott Dancers in their song. 
p.p.s.-- here is a picture to make you want to come even more...

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